10 May 2015

A Gay Men’s Guide in Hiring an Escort


Hiring an escort for one night stand should be fun and safe.

One good thing about escort is that you can skip the complications of "getting to know" stuff of connecting if you are using a "personals" website to hook up. The only thing that you need to ask yourself is, "Can I afford him?" and "Is he safe?"

Escorts usually range from $100 to $400 an hour. Those who are "physically gifted" usually charge $400 an hour. And if you are going to toss that amount of money, you need to be sure that its worth it.

The second thing that you need to know about escort is the safety issue. Safe biologically and physically so to speak. It is hard to determine by physical looks which escort is HIV free or STD free, that requires laboratory testing. And given the time constraint and compliance of the escort, that is difficult to achieve. Wearing condom is one way to practice safe sex. There should be no way that you should perform "bareback" with an escort. As for "physical safety" there are instances wherein some guys will pose as an escort but they are actually robbers or opportunist. If you arrange to meet an escort in a hotel or house and you were injected with a sedative or inhaled with a choloroform, you are helpless! The escort is free to take your personal stuff and your money!

You also need to be aware as to what position you will be assuming if you get an escort. Are you Top? Bottom? or Versatile? Will you fuck him after he has an orgasm? Will there be an extra pay for that? Did he agree for sadomasochistic activity? Did he agree for party and play? Just a piece of advice though, if you are bottom, get an escort who is exclusively top and vice versa.

What sexual activity satisfies you? Is the escort willing to kiss you even if he just met you 30 seconds ago? Is he willing to lick or rim your ass? Would you like to be fucked like a whore or a beast or like his boyfriend?

Male Pornstars who will be fucking their gorgeously looking buddies sometimes fail to have an erection, what more with an escort? If you are as rich as Bill Gates but with an undesirable looks, can the escort manage to have an erection? Surely, Viagra will help! Are you the one who will provide it or not?

Escorts are easy to find nowadays. Just browse through the World Wide Web and you will surely find one wherever you are. There are those who are wandering the planet who literally take this job as their bread and butter and they may be in your country one of these days offering their service.

If you are hiring an escort, just be sure that you get the best out of it. Be specific about what you want. You can also throw challenging questions to ascertain them. Some questions that I usually throw that leave them blank are: Am I gonna be charge full if you fail to make an erection? Are you willing to be recorded for 1minute for blog review purposes? Those who are up for the challenge, I hire them. Those who are not, no matter how great the review from others, who give a damn shit anyway?


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